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Becoming a Patient

Susan brings a functional & integrative healthcare approach to the following women’s health issues:

The Menstruating Years

Menstrual Issues

  • Irregular, long/short, painful, heavy/scant periods or no period at all
  • Understanding contraceptive choices

Female Hormone Imbalances

  • PMS, PCOS, Low Libido, fibroids, endometriosis

Vaginal Concerns

  • Recurrent infections, HPV, painful sex

Thyroid, Adrenal, Blood Sugar Imbalances

  • Fatigue, exhaustion, sleep disruption, food cravings, digestive problems, mood swings

The Childbearing Years

Fertility challenges

  • Difficulty getting pregnant, recurrent miscarriage, post pill amenorrhea* (*no period)

Preconception Planning

  • Getting ready for pregnancy, optimizing health before this special life event

Early Pregnancy Optimization

  • Going beyond your routine prenatal care, avoiding past pregnancy complications

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The Wise Woman Years

Peri/Menopausal transition

  • Navigating disruptive symptoms and embracing this phase of life

Becoming a Functional & Integrative Patient at Schmidt Health

Schmidt Health is a complete and comprehensive style of healthcare that provides the time, depth of discovery and support needed to help you succeed in achieving your health goals. An initial encounter with Susan is an in-depth visit that will culminate in a written Wellness Plan including a suggested follow-up schedule.

Initial new patient visits are in person visits in the Croton-on-Hudson, New York office. Follow up visits can be either in-person, video or phone call. The opportunity to book a package is available. Packages include booking more than one visit at a time with Susan and will include one or more visits with Culinary Nutritionist, Marti Wolfson.

Developing a strong system of support is key to achieving success with your Wellness Plan. Packages are encouraged.
Educational-only phone or video consults are available for those women who live outside the tristate area and are unable to travel to Susan or for women in the area seeking this level of service.

Package Features:

Comprehensive Health Intake

Care begins with completion of a comprehensive health intake form prior to your first visit. This will cover all aspects of your life including the standard information like your health history and demographics plus much more.

This intake is quite thorough so that Susan can formulate a picture of who you are, where you have been and what life events may have imprinted your health.

An Initial 90-minute in-person visit with Susan

This visit reviews and discusses the stand-out parts of your intake form along with any lab results you have from previous providers. We will get to know each other, identify your health needs and decide how best to achieve your goals. Vital signs and a limited physical exam will be performed.

As lab results are received and you travel through the program, your Wellness Plan may be amended. There are no rights or wrongs here. We’ll be working together to find your optimal health and that may take traveling on a few different paths to get there.

Schmidt Health Wellness Plan

A written Wellness Plan will be created for you, summarizing your health priorities and outlining diet and nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, supplements and botanical suggestions to get you to optimal health. Conventional and functional lab testing recommendations and other suggested therapeutic modalities will also be included.

You will receive this Plan by email 3-5 days after your initial visit. (You will have plenty of suggestions by the end of the initial visit to get started on right away.)

Culinary Wellness Specialist Consultation

The foundational basis for health and wellness stems from the gut and what you do and don’t put into it. In other words, healthy living starts with food! This culinary nutritionist consultation is key to achieving success with your Schmidt Health Wellness Plan.

Marti Wolfson, MS has been educating people for over 10 years. Her consultations integrate the science and spirituality of food from a perspective of Functional Nutrition, culinary and mindfulness-based practice, the art of cooking and the relationship of food to mind and body. Her passion in the kitchen will inspire you to make personalized and sustainable changes to support your health and wellness.

Follow-up Visits

Healing and health happens when you have a sense of accountability and commitment amidst a supportive and welcoming environment.

A follow-up visit with Susan focuses on you and your journey, reviewing lab work, evaluating your progress and tweaking the Wellness Plan.

A follow-up visit with Marti provides additional culinary guidance and education.

Schmidt Health Wellness Community features

  • Generous discounts on professional brand supplements and botanicals
  • First priority purchasing of products available through the Schmidt Health office
  • Invitation to the Schmidt Health private Face Book group
  • Participation in twice monthly “live” Q&A sessions and seasonal “live events” on FB
  • Email access to Susan

Becoming a Gentle Gynecology Patient
at Schmidt Health

Becoming a Gentle GYN Patient

Gentle Gyn visits are 75 minutes long allowing for a thorough and holistic approach to your routine annual exam. Visits embrace the mainstay of midwifery care – Listening to Women.

Gentle Gyn visits take an integrative approach to a well woman or problem gynecology visit yet do not incorporate a full functional assessment. Visits are unrushed and take place in a safe, comfortable environment.

The following visits are available for women of all ages

*Annual Gyn visits include a comprehensive health intake, full physical exam, screening tests, prescriptions and referrals as needed

*Gyn problem visits are for STI screening, UTI or vaginal infection testing and treatment, mastitis or other breast problems, postpartum issues

*Contraception visits include counseling, initiation and/or management of a variety of contraceptive options

My Mission

I am committed to guiding women in optimizing their health in order to feel well, be the best version of themselves and live a vibrant healthy life.

To achieve this, I combine the foundations and principles of functional and integrative medicine with the holistic and woman-centered approach of midwifery care in a warm, caring and judgement-free environment.

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*MEDICAL DISCLAIMER - All material on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only, and is not intended as a substitute for advice provided by your healthcare professional.