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The Childbearing Years

                      Are you pregnant or planning a pregnancy soon?                       Are you having difficulty getting pregnant?

While I no longer attend women at birth or provide primary prenatal care, my years as a midwife, especially those as a homebirth midwife, taught me a lot about how important it is to honor women as they enter into and travel through pregnancy and motherhood.

The homebirth model of care, with long prenatal visits connected me with each mama which fostered a deep relationship that in turn gave patients a rich overview and understanding of this huge life transition.

I provided in-depth pregnancy, birth and postpartum information, evaluated nutrition, recommended supplementation, and ensured full readiness for bringing a baby into the family. We also delved into the joys, fears and hesitations of becoming a new mother (or mother again.)

All care surrounding pregnancy benefits from time and attention paid to a woman’s mind and spirit not just her body health. Good quality prenatal and preconception care requires more than a 15 to 30 minute visit (standard conventional visit lengths) to give women complete information and to ensure that she fully understands the choices she will face when bringing a child into the world. With more women experiencing fertility challenges, whether it’s an inability to conceive or an inability to maintain a pregnancy, quality care also requires astute attention to overall health and wellbeing not just a referral to a specialist.

Preconception, Early Pregnancy and Fertility Support care at Schmidt Health provide the extra time and attention to you, that will optimize your health and add a richness of knowledge and education to your pregnancy journey.

A baby’s future health is accurately predicted by the health of the mom at the time of pregnancy.

Let’s work together to optimize YOUR health, which in turn will optimize YOUR BABY’s health too.


Ideally this care is scheduled six months to a year before you plan on getting pregnant. I will take a functional & integrative approach to uncover where you are health-wise and how you can optimize your health before getting pregnant. A Wellness Plan will summarize advice on how best to prepare for pregnancy including nutritional, lifestyle and supplement needs for before, during and after pregnancy.

I’ll review options in genetic testing available prior to pregnancy (for you and your partner) and explain some of the early pregnancy testing decisions that you will face in the early weeks of your pregnancy.
Emphasis will also be placed on encouraging you to honor all parts of this life-changing event including the importance of planning for the very forgotten Fourth Trimester – the postpartum period. And I’ll answer any of your burning questions about giving birth too.

Early Pregnancy

Already pregnant? It’s never too late to optimize health in pregnancy! This visit will be much the same as the above with a mindful focus on your “due date”, and prioritizing what gets the most attention while you are growing your baby.
I will bridge the gap left by standard prenatal care by sharing a depth of knowledge and the true mind-body-spirit integration that women crave in pregnancy. You’ll have your routine prenatal care with the midwife or obstetrician who will be with you in labor and I will provide the detailed information on nutrition, supplements, mind, heart and spirit health that will complement that care.

This is particularly valuable if you are over or underweight, have a higher risk of developing diabetes, pre-eclampsia, hypothyroidism or depression during or after pregnancy — or if you’ve had those issues in a previous pregnancy.

Fertility Support

My midwife years have clearly demonstrated the increase in fertility challenges that women are experiencing today. One in eight women encounter difficulty with getting or staying pregnant. I have witnessed the pain and frustration that these women and their partners experience. As a functional & integrative practitioner, I see this as a body out of balance, requiring attention to overall health and assisting the body to come into balance.

Fertility Support care will uncover and address the underlying causes of the pregnancy difficulty, and with that knowledge, improve health and wellbeing by implementing lifestyle, nutritional, supplemental and spiritual shifts.

Balancing the body in this way can avoid the need for artificial reproductive techniques and will at least increase the success of those procedures when used.

Birth Trauma Healing & Ceremonies of Pregnancy

Coming Soon

To find out more information about how Susan will address your health issues and goals.

My Mission

I am committed to guiding women in optimizing their health in order to feel well, be the best version of themselves and live a vibrant healthy life.

To achieve this, I combine the foundations and principles of functional and integrative medicine with the holistic and woman-centered approach of midwifery care in a warm, caring and judgement-free environment.

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