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What is Functional & Integrative Healthcare for Women?

Functional & Integrative Healthcare offers the most options for women seeking answers to their health problems and provides a true art & science approach to holistic wellness by addressing disease from its roots, not just managing a disease and its symptoms.

Functional Healthcare expands the conventional model of medicine by going beyond the diagnosis and subsequent treatment with prescription medications and/or procedures (like surgery), to seek out why an illness has occurred.

By identifying and addressing the root causes of health problems not just treating symptoms, by treating each woman individually and uniquely and by utilizing a broad approach to wellness that may include traditional prescription medications and treatments but will definitely go beyond this – a functional approach to women’s health leads to a well-balanced and healthy woman.

Additionally, functional healthcare doesn’t discount or dismiss a set of symptoms that may not have an obvious diagnosis. The emphasis is on achieving optimal health of the whole person – body, mind, and spirit.

Integrative Healthcare is healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle.

It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship between practitioner and patient, is informed by evidence, and makes use of all appropriate therapies.

Integrative healthcare combines the practices and principles from a variety of treatment modalities, including naturopathy, homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, Ayurveda and implements botanicals, natural supplements and body therapeutics such as craniosacral, massage, yoga, Reiki, meditation and more to restore balance and health in all body systems.

At Schmidt Health, the underlying root causes of your problem will be uncovered, looking at all the aspects – social, psychological, environmental and spiritual – that impact your health and develop a plan to balance your body systems, bringing you to wellness.

Functional & Integrative Healthcare at Schmidt Health
safely and effectively addresses root causes by:

Establishing your healthy gut microbiome

Identifying food intolerances and food triggers

Decreasing inflammation in your body

Balancing and supporting your hormones

Ensuring your body is detoxifying well

Boosting your immune function

Replenishing missing or deficient nutrients

Integrating Body/Mind/Spirit

Functional & Integrative Healthcare
at Schmidt Health promises to:

  • Listen to Women
  • Empower women to maintain (or regain) power and authority over her life
  • Establish caring and compassionate relationships that promote healing and empowerment
  • Provide support systems within Schmidt Health which are key to achieving success
  • Encourage women to develop their own personal support systems – to find their tribe
  • Order conventional and functional lab testing to assist in evaluation of health without excess
  • Utilize physical, emotional and lifestyle therapies, supplements and botanicals with known effectiveness and without excess and to prescribe medications when needed
  • Assist women in understanding and experiencing her body’s natural healing intelligence
  • Encourage women to embrace their worthiness and to practice self-care regularly, without guilt
By helping you, you will be helping me.

As your healthcare provider, it is paramount that I walk my talk and instill, embrace and practice the principles and advice that I give you, onto myself.

My health and well-being have become MY priority, I look forward to helping you to make your health and well-being YOUR priority!

My Mission

I am committed to guiding women in optimizing their health in order to feel well, be the best version of themselves and live a vibrant healthy life.

To achieve this, I combine the foundations and principles of functional and integrative medicine with the holistic and woman-centered approach of midwifery care in a warm, caring and judgement-free environment.

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*MEDICAL DISCLAIMER - All material on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only, and is not intended as a substitute for advice provided by your healthcare professional.